The latest information which President Cedars has received reflects that the precipitation associated with the winter storm is over. Indeed, while preparing this update the sun is shinning and there is a limited amount of melting of the ice which is in the direct sunlight. DO NOT BE MISLED IN THAT DRIVING CONDITIONS REMAIN TREACHEROUS IN MANY AREAS. We are not out of woods quite yet.

Indeed, the temperature for tonight and most of tomorrow is projected to range from a low of 15-18 degrees to a high tomorrow afternoon of only 34 degrees. In many areas of our Parish, the temperature may remain below freezing all day. Consequently, one can expect the ice accumulation to be with us all day tomorrow and tomorrow night rendering it imprudent and unwise to drive unless positively necessary.

Tuesday night, in our area, there is a slight chance of freezing rain with .10 of inch of ice accumulation. Hopefully, this “worst case” scenario will not come to pass. Moreover, temperatures in the mid to upper twenties is expected Tuesday night. By 8:00 A.M. Wednesday, however, we can expect temperatures to be above freezing although there is a chance of rain during the day.

President Cedars has been advised that most of the power outages have been successfully addressed. Also, the Sheriff’s Office will continue to monitor the roads and bridges during the night, and our Public Works personnel remain on standby.

I-10 remains closed from mile marker 118 to 135 which is the Atchafalaya Basin Bridge. The Sawmill overpass is closed as well as the Bordelon Road overpass. As the evening approaches, other roads and/or bridges may be closed.

Finally, please be aware that record freezing temperatures will be with us for another day or so. Hence, please do not travel unless absolutely necessary.