Parish President Cedars and the Parish Council applaud the Catahoula Community for its efforts in organizing a Neighborhood Watch Program. In the weeks since the formation of the program, the community has noticed less suspicious activity and the response time of law enforcement has substantially improved. The latter is no doubt due in large measure to more accurate, reliable, and timely reporting of suspected illegal activities, all the product of information shared through the Neighborhood Watch Program. The members of the Catahoula program meet regularly and receive information from law enforcement and related organizations, such as St. Martin Crime Stoppers.

Parish President Cedars is committed to attending the meetings of Neighborhood Watch Programs and assisting in any way possible, relying upon his career as a prosecutor. Moreover, he will assist any other community interested in implementing a Neighborhood Watch Program.

The St. Martin Parish Sheriff’s Office sponsors a website ( which provides the custody status of all inmates in the Parish jail.

President Cedars photographed members of the Catahoula Neighborhood Watch after their meeting on November 8, 2018, in the new Catahoula Multipurpose Building.