Provided by:
St. Martin Parish President Chester R. Cedars
March 13, 2020
4:30 P.M.


Governor John Bel Edwards has issued Executive Order 27 JBE 2020 which mandates and orders specific restrictions on “gatherings”, school activities, and public and private events. After evaluating the Executive Order in conjunction with CDC and La. Department of Health guidelines, St. Martin Parish Government understands the Order to embrace the following parameters:

SCHOOLS: All public schools will be closed until April 13, 2020.

GATHERINGS AND EVENTS: All events and activities which involves a gathering of 250 or more persons SHALL be postponed or cancelled. The 250 person limitation includes all event staff and security personnel, and applies to outdoor and indoor events. Moreover, this restriction applies to any congregation of persons in a single area at the same time. The restriction shall apply unto April 13, 2020. Specifically excepted are “operations at locations like airports, medical facilities, shopping centers or malls, office buildings, factories or manufacturing facilities, or grocery or department stores.” According to the Governor’s comments, also excepted are restaurants.

For guidance, all Parish Libraries will remain open except that no greater than 250 persons will be allowed in any library at any given time. Similarly, Parish health units, Parish community and civic centers, parks, and the St. Martin Parish Courthouse shall remain open subject to the 250 person limitations. The Parish’s recreation program will continue as scheduled.

Moreover, the Executive Order also applies to Churches where any single service will include more than 250 persons. Fairs, festivals, and related gatherings are also included in the Executive Order.

Please note that these restrictions are MANDATORY and have been issued under the Governor’s powers set forth in the Louisiana Homeland Security and Emergency Assistance and Disaster Act, La. R.S. 29:721, et seq. A Medical State of Emergency was issued by Governor Edwards on March 11, 2020. Enforcement of medical related restrictions are further authorized by La. R.S. 40:5, et seq.

Finally, please note that all aspects of the post will continue to be monitored daily. Hence, amendments and changes may occur. If so, those revisions will be posted.


As predicted by the Louisiana Department of Health, the number of reported presumptively positive tests for COVID-19 continues to rise although the vast majority of the positive tests are in the New Orleans area. CURRENTLY, there are 36 reported cases of COVID-19:

  • Caddo Parish-1 case
  • Lafourche Parish-1 case
  • Jefferson Parish-3 cases
  • Orleans Parish-23 cases
  • St. Tammany Parish-2 cases
  • Terrebonne Parish-1 case
  • St. Charles Parish-Unknown
  • St. Bernard-Unknown

None of these cases are in Acadiana region. Protocols dictate that if a positive case is reported in St. Martin Parish, our Director of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness will be immediately notified and then I will be informed. In such an event, I will share any such report publicly.

In conjunction with 27 JBE 2020, the public is urged to continue to exercise caution relative to personal hygiene. Attendance at nonessential public gatherings not embraced by the Governor’s Order is discouraged. We reference our prior admonition and data disseminated on this site. Also, the following are public links for COVID-19 information:

Perhaps the most vital information of one should avail himself or herself is not to report to work or leave your home if you experience any of the symptoms of COVID-19. In such a case, call your healthcare provider for instructions.

Finally, St. Martin Parish Government has adopted extra maintenance measures to insure that our facilities are as disinfectant as reasonably possible. We will continue to conduct Parish Government business as usual except for the State’s mandatory restrictions.