This morning, the National Weather Service initiated daily conference calls regarding the tropical storm system which has developed in the Gulf of Mexico. The system has been named “Nicholas”. The conferences will be conducted at least twice daily until the storm no longer poses a threat to our area. This morning President Cedars attended the 10:00 conference and reports the following:

Our Parish currently only has a 10% chance of experiencing tropical storm winds. Similarly, there should be minimal risks of any storm surge. However, heavy rain is expected, between 6-8 inches over the next several days, commencing this evening.

Landfall is currently projected at the mid-coastal area of Texas on Tuesday. The NWS confidence level is “low to medium” as regards the predicted landfall. The confidential level for potential flooding associated with the storm is “high”.

Of course, this system is in its early stages and its intensity and track are likely to change. Thus, President Cedars will attend the afternoon conference at 4:00 P.M. today. If there are any significant changes, they will be posted.