Parish Government has initiated its storm debris removal program. A debris removal monitoring team has already began an assessment of the debris generated by the recent storm. Moreover, all roads, drainage laterals, and other critical infrastructure are being cleared of debris.

All residents should, as soon as possible, place the yard waste generated by the storm at the edge of their property. Yard waste is defined as logs, plants, tree branches, and similar vegetation matter. Please note:

▪ It will be at least 10-14 days before residential yard debris will be collected so that individuals are afforded ample opportunity to collect their yard waste.

▪ All yard waste (logs, plants, and tree branches) must be segregated from all other waste such as household waste, construction debris, and white goods.

▪ Make sure all debris is placed on the edge of your property so that it does not encroach upon any street or road or drainage laterals.