St. Martin Parish Collections Operations

If you have any questions or would like to participate in
Keep St. Martin Beautiful events, please contact Holli Guilbeau
at 337-394-4798.


Residential St. Martin Parish Curbside 337-394-4798
Residential City of Breaux Bridge Curbside 337-332-2171
NUNU Arts & Culture Collective Inc. 337-453-3307


Castille Enterprises
1018 Conde Road,
St. Martinville

The Fruit Stand
200 W. Mills Ave,
Breaux Bridge

Waste Motor Oil

Auto Zone
439 E. Mills Ave,
Breaux Bridge

1932 Rees St,
Breaux Bridge

Auto Zone
1922 Main St,
St. Martinville

Plastic Grocery Bags

The ARC of St. Martin
138 S. Main St,
Breaux Bridge

St. Martin ARC Thrift Store
405 N. Main St,
St. Martinville

Waste Tires

Breaux Bridge Water Plant
251 Washington St,
Breaux Bridge

St. Martinville City Barn
600 Bridge St,
St. Martinville

Construction Landfill

Greenpoint Landfill
1469 Old Spanish Trail Hwy,


Pace Landfill
6505 Coteau Road,
New Iberia

Solid Waste Collection and Disposal

Parish system mandatory solid waste collection and disposal ordinance is now in effect.

If you have any questions, please contact us at this email address: [email protected]


Collection of Bulky Waste Materials

Bulky Waste is defined as

Solid Waste consisting of White Goods, loose brush, furniture, and other like materials (other than Construction Debris, Waste Tires, Agricultural Solid Waste, Dead Animals, Offal Waste or Stable Matter, all of which are excluded from the definition of “Bulky Waste”), whose shape or size or weight precludes its containment in a container.

Loose Brush must be bundled; and individual Bulky Waste material may not exceed 35 lbs. in weight. Bundle of loose brush needs to be securely tied together forming an easily handled package, not exceeding four feet in length or 50 lbs. in weight.

Collection of Bulk Waste is scheduled for the second and fourth week of the month.

If your Bulk Waste is not picked up on the collection day listed above please contact Waste Management at 1-800-284-2451 option 4 is customer service

You are needing a large collection of items? Waste Management does provide service of dumpsters, and collection of Bagster Bags. Service information is provided on their website


Recycling in St. Martin Parish

Recyclables are defined as

Recyclable materials including: aluminum cans, newsprint, plastics, tin cans, cardboard and other like materials, generated by Residential Units. All Recyclables shall be placed in a Recycling Bin for collection.

Recycling Bin is an 18 gallon container provided by Waste Management. Any Recyclables that does not fit into the bin provided can be placed in a personal can, beside bin, for pick-up.

Collection of Recyclables is scheduled for once a month.

Solid waste collection on Monday or Tuesday = Recyclables collected on the first Wednesday of the month.
Solid waste collection on Wednesday = Recyclables collected on the second Wednesday of the month.
Solid waste collection on Thursday = Recyclables collected on the third Wednesday of the month.
Solid waste collected on Friday = Recyclables collected on the fourth Wednesday of the month.

If your Recyclables are not picked up on the collection day listed above please contact Waste Management at 1-800-284-2451 option 4 is customer service.

Holidays: New Years Day, Mardi Gras, Good Friday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. Contractor may decide to observe any or all of the above mentioned holidays. Collection shall be accomplished on the following business day after such holiday.