Parish President Chester Cedars advises that at daybreak today, Parish work crews began surveying damages from Hurricane Ida. The focus at this point was the clearing of all roadways and drainage laterals. The morning assessment reflects that upper St. Martin sustained little damage, and there were few power outages.

Parish President Cedars personally visited the Stephensville-Belle River communities in lower St. Martin. That area is currently experiencing widespread power outages and no cellular telephone service. Otherwise, the damages associated with the storm were essentially minimal and consisted primarily of downed trees and related vegetative debris primarily along Landry Lane and 4-Mile Bayou Road. A public works crew was dispatched at daybreak to assist in the clearing of that debris.

Prior to the storm President Cedars initiated the Parish’s storm debris removal program. Fortunately, those services will not be necessary.

Should anyone have significant yard waste associated with the storm, the materials should be placed at the road edge of their property. Yard waste is defined as logs, plants, tree branches, and similar vegetation matter. Please note:
• It will likely be several days before residential yard debris will be collected;
• All yard waste (logs, plants, and tree branches) must be segregated from all other waste such as household waste, construction debris, and white goods which may have been damaged/destroyed by the storm; and,
• All debris should be placed on the edge of the property line so that it does not encroach upon any street/road or drainage lateral.
• Do not place any debris underneath any utility lines.

President Cedars is extremely grateful for the organization, pre-planning, cooperation and hard work of the St. Martin Parish Sheriff’s Office and the Parish’s OEP. Their coordinated efforts with the Parish’s public works personnel substantially facilitated assessments and the clearing of debris.

We are pleased that St. Martin Parish was spared major damage from the storm. On the other hand, we remain heartbroken at the devastation sustained by our neighbors, friends, and fellow citizens who live east of us. Our prayers remain with them.