Parish Council

The Parish Council is the legislative body of parish government, presently comprised of nine council members who represent the nine political districts in St. Martin Parish. The functions of the Council are to provide parish leadership, adopt resolutions and ordinances that represent the best interests of its citizenry, and create an economic climate conducive for business growth and development. The parish operating budget must meet the approval of the Parish Council.


The Parish Council meetings are held on the first and third Tuesday of each month in the Carroll J. Fuselier Meeting Room, at the St. Martin Parish Annex Building, 301 West Port Street, St. Martinville, Louisiana 70582. Meetings are scheduled as follows:

  • Regular Parish Council meetings are held on the first Tuesday of every month at 5:00 p.m.

  • Public Works Committee meetings are held on the third Tuesday of every month at 4:30 p.m.

  • Administrative/Finance Committee meetings are held on the third Tuesday of every month, immediately following the Public Works Committee Meeting.

The Official Journal for the St. Martin Parish Council is the Teche News, Post Office Box 69, St. Martinville, Louisiana 70582; 337-394-6232.


Post Office Box 9

301 West Port Street

St. Martinville, LA 70582

Office #337-394-2200

Fax #337-394-5773

District 1

Byron Fuselier

1254 Burton Plantation Highway
St. Martinville, Louisiana 70582
Cell #337-277-1487
[email protected]
District Map

District 2

Lisa Nelson | Chairwoman

720 S. Martin Luther King Dr.
St. Martinville, Louisiana 70582
Cell #337-339-1803
[email protected]
District Map

District 3

Jason Willis

214 Stephanie Drive
St. Martinville, Louisiana 70582
Cell #337-319-7061
[email protected]
District Map

District 4

Neil Thibodeaux

4787 Bridge Street Highway
St. Martinville, Louisiana 70582
Cell #337-224-1515
[email protected]
District Map

District 5

Chris Tauzin

1013 Dean LeBlanc Road
Breaux Bridge, Louisiana 70517
Cell #337-277-3563
[email protected]
District Map

District 6

Jill Hebert

715 South Main Street
Breaux Bridge, Louisiana 70517
Cell #337-280-8038
[email protected]
District Map

District 7

Albert “DaDa” Menard

866 Alva Drive
Breaux Bridge, Louisiana 70517
Cell #337-739-9481
[email protected]
District Map

District 8

Dean LeBlanc | Vice-Chairman

1245 Nina Highway
Breaux Bridge, Louisiana 70517
Cell #337-344-3485
[email protected]
District Map

District 9

Daniel Richard, Jr.

1018 Preston Broussard Road
Arnaudville, Louisiana 70512
Cell #337-278-6697
[email protected]
District Map

Laci Laperouse

Clerk of the Council


Brooke Gillespie

Deputy Clerk of the Council


Allan Durand

Legal Counsel

Archived Agendas

10/15/2019-Admin/Finance Committee Meeting
10/15/2019-Public Works Committee Meeting
10/01/2019-Regular Meeting
09/17/2019-Admin/Finance Committee Meeting
09/17/2019-Public Works Committee Meeting
09/03/2019-Regular Meeting
08/20/2019-Admin/Finance Committee Meeting
08/20/2019-Public Works Committee Meeting
08/06/2019-Regular Meeting
07/16/2019-Admin/Finance Committee Meeting
07/16/2019-Public Works Committee Meeting
07/02/2019-Regular Meeting
06/18/2019-Admin/Finance Committee Meeting
06/18/2019-Public Works Committee Meeting
06/04/2019-Regular Meeting
05/21/2019-Admin/Finance Committee Meeting
05/21/2019-Public Works Committee Meeting
05/21/2019-Special Meeting
05/07/2019-Regular Meeting
04/16/2019-Admin/Finance Committee Meeting
04/16/2019-Public Works Committee Meeting
04/16/2019-Special Meeting
03/19/2019-Admin/Finance Committee Meeting
03/19/2019-Public Works Committee Meeting
03/06/2019-Regular Meeting
02/19/2019-Admin/Finance Committee Meeting
02/19/2019-Public Works Committee Meeting
02/05/2019-Regular Meeting
01/22/2019-Admin/Finance Committee Meeting
01/22/2019-Public Works Committee Meeting
01/08/2019-Regular Meeting
12/18/2018-Admin/Finance Committee Meeting
12/18/2018-Public Works Committee Meeting
12/04/2018-Regular Meeting
11/20/2018-Admin/Finance Committee Meeting
11/20/2018-Public Works Committee Meeting
11/05/2018-Regular Meeting
10/16/2018-Admin/Finance Committee Meeting
10/16/2018-Public Works Committee Meeting
10/02/2018-Regular Meeting
09/18/2018-Admin/Finance Committee Meeting
09/18/2018-Public Works Committee Meeting
09/04/2018-Regular Meeting
08/21/2018-Admin/Finance Committee Meeting
08/21/2018-Public Works Committee Meeting
08/07/2018-Regular Meeting
07/17/2018-Admin/Finance Committee Meeting
07/17/2018-Public Works Committee Meeting
07/10/2018-Regular Meeting
06/19/2018-Admin/Finance Committee Meeting
06/19/2018-Public Works Committee Meeting
06/05/2018-Regular Meeting
05/15/2018-Admin/Finance Committee Meeting
05/15/2018-Public Works Committee Meeting
05/01/2018-Regular Meeting
04/17/2018-Admin/Finance Committee Meeting
04/17/2018-Public Works Committee Meeting
04/03/2018-Regular Meeting
03/20/2018-Admin/Finance Committee Meeting
03/20/2018-Public Works Committee Meeting
03/06/2018-Regular Meeting
02/20/2018-Admin/Finance Committee Meeting
02/20/2018-Public Works Committee Meeting
02/06/2018-Regular Meeting
01/23/2018-Special Meeting
01/16/2018-Admin/Finance Committee Meeting
01/16/2018-Public Works Committee Meeting
01/02/2018-Regular Meeting
12/19/2017-Admin/Finance Committee Meeting
12/19/2017-Public Works Committee Meeting
12/05/2017-Regular Meeting
11/21/2017-Admin/Finance Committee Meeting
11/21/2017-Public Works Committee Meeting
11/07/2017-Regular Meeting
10/20/2017-Special Meeting
10/17/2017-Special Meeting
10/17/2017-Admin/Finance Committee Meeting
10/17/2017-Public Works Committee Meeting
10/03/2017-Regular Meeting
09/19/2017-Special Meeting
09/19/2017-Admin/Finance Committee Meeting
09/19/2017-Public Works Committee Meeting
09/05/2017-Regular Meeting
08/15/2017-Admin/Finance Committee Meeting
08/15/2017-Public Works Committee Meeting
08/01/2017-Regular Meeting
07/18/2017-Admin/Finance Committee Meeting
07/18/2017-Public Works Committee Meeting
07/05/2017-Regular Meeting
06/20/2017-Admin/Finance Committee Meeting
06/20/2017-Public Works Committee Meeting
06/08/2017-Special Meeting
06/06/2017-Regular Meeting
05/16/2017-Admin/Finance Committee Meeting
05/16/2017-Public Works Committee Meeting
05/01/2017-Regular Meeting
04/18/2017-Special Meeting
04/18/2017-Admin/Finance Committee Meeting
04/18/2017-Public Works Committee Meeting
04/04/2017-Regular Meeting
03/21/2017-Admin/Finance Committee Meeting
03/21/2017-Public Works Committee Meeting
03/07/2017-Regular Meeting
02/21/2017-Admin/Finance Committee Meeting
02/21/2017-Public Works Committee Meeting
02/07/2017-Regular Meeting
01/17/2017-Admin/Finance Committee Meeting
01/17/2017-Public Works Committee Meeting
01/03/2017-Regular Meeting