St. Martin Parish President Chester R. Cedars
March 27, 2020
4:00 P.M.


This morning, I announced the fact that as of this time, in St. Martin Parish, there are 11 reported positive tests for COVID-19. More sobering is that fact of those positives, we have 3 reported deaths. Prior to the announcement, I participated in a telephone conference among the Parish’s OEP, and state and local health officials at which time I asked local health officials if this situation was indeed a medical crisis. Directly from their mouths, came an unequivocal and affirmative response – YES. Their message was consistent with that of every other health official in this state and nation.

I will go one step further, our efforts to enforce the measures imposed by Governor John Bel Edwards, have been met with too much resistance from many fronts. This must end. I am calling upon all of the leaders of this region to stand untied – we must enforce and apply the Governor’s Executive Order so that only essential activities (as defined in Section 3 of his Stay-At-Home Order) are conducted. It does not take a rocket scientist to define what is essential; and, if one wants to resort to splitting hairs, consult the guidelines of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency to which Section 3 of the Order refers. If doubt still exists as to what activity, business or otherwise, is permitted, resort to applying the spirit of the Order which is clearly set forth in its title: STAY AT HOME.

We will prevail in stopping the spread of COVID-19. How quickly this can be accomplished is dependent upon no one but ourselves.

The latest numbers from LDH reflect that there are 2,746 positive tests in Louisiana and 119 deaths. The number of reported positive tests in surrounding areas stands at 112 with 6 deaths:

  • Lafayette Parish: 44 cases, 1 death
  • Calcasieu Parish: 22 cases, 1 death
  • St. Martin Parish: 11 cases, 3 deaths
  • St. Landry Parish: 10 cases
  • Acadia Parish: 8 cases, 1 death
  • St. Mary Parish: 6 cases
  • Evangeline Parish: 4 cases
  • Iberia Parish: 4 cases
  • Vermilion Parish: 2 cases
  • Jeff Davis Parish: 1 case

To comprehend these numbers, simply compare them to those from just last Monday.

The St. Martin Parish Press conference is on the Parish Facebook page. I encourage you to listen to that part where Dr. Stefanski explains in clear, concise terms the situation with which we are currently confronted.


I ask that many of our essential businesses examine methods that can be adopted on their premises that would eliminate undue congregation of customers. Suggestions include: limiting the number of persons in a store at any given time; having those in a checkout line spaced at six foot intervals; routine disinfecting shopping carts; and any other measure which one’s ingenuity can develop. Attached are some suggestions from the Louisiana Department of Health.