St. Martin Parish President Chester R. Cedars
March 24, 2021
2:30 P.M.

According to the Louisiana Department of Health, the percent positivity rate for St. Martin Parish for the last week was 6.30%. This is the second consecutive week that the Parish’s positivity rate has been more than 5%. Consequently, according to Governor’s Edwards’ Executive Order 29 JBE 2021, all bars in St. Martin Parish must operate a capacity limit of 25%, not to exceed 250 patrons. THIS DOES NOT MEAN BARS MUST CLOSE; RATHER, THEY ARE SUBJECT TO THE AFOREMENTIONED CAPACITY LIMITATIONS.

The current Executive Order is scheduled to expire on March 31, 2021. I am hopeful that the Governor will remove many of the current restrictions at that time, including those measures which have been imposed upon bars and lounges. It appears that the relevant numbers are indeed trending is an encouraging direction plus the number of persons receiving the vaccinations is increasing.

As a reminder for our bars and lounges, I submit the following summary of Section 2-E(8) of the Governor’s Executive Order 29 JBE 2021, which I published several weeks ago:

Bars are now allowed to open for indoor, on-premises sales and consumption. The indoor capacity is fixed at 25%, not to exceed 250 persons, with determinations resting with the State Fire Marshal. However, if a bar or lounge is located in a parish that enjoys a percent positivity of 5% or less for two consecutive weeks, the capacity limitations shall be 50%, not to exceed 250 persons. Although not clearly stated in the Executive Order, a Parish, through its governing authority, must opt-in to be entitled to the increased positivity. As I have stated previously regarding the opt-in dictates, I will most assuredly immediately adopt such steps when St. Martin Parish meets the 5% criterion.

All bars must follow these dictates:

  • The bar cannot open before 8:00 A.M. and must close by 11:00 P.M.
  • There can be no walk-up service; hence all patrons must be seated at tables.
  • Tables must be “socially distanced,” meaning spaced 6 feet apart.
  • All bars must adhere to the regulations and guidelines establish by the State Fire Marshal, the Commissioner of Alcohol and Tobacco Control, and the La. Department of Health regarding sanitization and disinfection.

Any bar may provide takeout through drive-thru or curbside delivery, including alcoholic beverages.