St. Martin Parish President Chester R. Cedars
March 19, 2020
7:00 A.M.

As we have been warned, there have been two positive tests for COVID-19 in Lafayette Parish. As more persons are tested, the number of positive tests in our region can most assuredly be expected to rise. Therefore, we must continue to vigilant in adhering to the measures and restrictions which have been imposed by the state and local proclamations. Also, it is important to practice personal hygiene and exercise social distancing. If you experience any of the symptoms associated with COVID-19, call your personal physician or call 311 to speak with a medical professional about the need to be tested. If you or any family member is ill, you should STAY HOME. Government imposed restrictions do no good if we do not adhere to them.

There will unfortunately be a large number of lay-offs/terminations by employers adversely affected by the measures imposed in connection with COVID-19. In order to receive unemployment compensation benefits, there will be no required waiting period for benefits AND there will be no mandated job search requirements. Finally, unemployment benefits will not affect an employer’s experience rating. For more information related to unemployment issue visit:

Please read this message in connection with my previous reports/updates. Also, we will continue to post developments as circumstances with COVID-19 develop.