The Louisiana Department of Health has informed Parish President Chester Cedars that there has been an outbreak of COVID-19 cases among employees at a work site located in St. Martin Parish.  This facility does not directly interact with the public.


As a result of the outbreak, employees and their families have been tested.  Therefore, the number of positive tests reported for the Parish has increased significantly.  An increase in reported cases will likely continue for several days as test results associated with this outbreak are reported.


The Department of Health is diligently working with the facility to complete all relevant testing and to impose appropriate measures to control this workplace cluster of cases.  Parish Government will continue to monitor this situation and will remain in close communication with the Department of Health.


The percentage of positive tests in the Parish without consideration of this workplace outbreak still remains below the benchmark set by health officials.  Nonetheless, because of increased testing and the Phase 2 re-openings, we have seen an increased in positive tests among the general community.  Therefore, the public is reminded of the importance of continuing to exercise personal hygienic practices including the wearing of masks, social distancing, and hand washing.