Immediately after the effects of Hurricane Delta, St. Martin Parish work crews will begin surveying damages from the storm. The focal point will be the clearing of all roadways and drainage laterals. Please report any issues to the Parish (337-394-2200) so that the matters can be expeditiously addressed.

Even though the curfew previously imposed will end at 8:00 A.M., residents are encouraged not to travel unless it is essential. Rain bands may develop over the next several hours, and roads may still have debris.

Before the storm, President Cedars initiated the Parish’s storm debris removal program with its storm debris removal and monitoring contractors. The debris removal monitoring team will assess the debris generated by the storm. All residents should place yard waste generated by the storm at the edge of their property. Yard waste is defined as logs, plants, tree branches, and similar vegetation matter. Please note:

  • It may be several days before residential yard debris will be collected so that individuals are afforded ample opportunity to collect their yard waste;
  • All yard waste (logs, plants, and tree branches) must be segregated from all other waste such as household waste, construction debris, and white goods which may have been damaged/destroyed by the storm; and,
  • All debris should be placed on the edge of the property line so that it does not encroach upon any street/road or drainage lateral. Do not place any debris beneath any power or other utility lines.