President Chester Cedars wishes to share the following from his assessment meetings this afternoon.

The recovery efforts from Hurricane Delta are proceeding. Our public works crew have advised that all Parish roads have been cleared of storm debris. However, there are a few roads which remain impassable because of obstructions from utility poles and/or lines. The relevant utility providers have been so informed and requests made to remedy the situations.
Tomorrow, public works will inspect drainage laterals throughout the Parish to ensure that there are no obstructions from the storm. If anyone has knowledge of any such impediments, please contact our public works department.

In view of the progress which has been made regarding the restoration of power and the clearing of roadways, Parish President Cedars will not impose any curfew for tonight. However, there are traffic signals in various parts of our municipalities which may not be operable, and there is displaced signage throughout the Parish. Thus, motorists are encouraged to remain wary of these situations.

As previously reported, President Cedars has initiated the Parish’s storm debris removal program. A cursory evaluation reflects that Hurricane Delta has generated more vegetative debris that the last three storms, Hurricane Barry, TS Cristobal, and Hurricane Laura.
All residents are reminded that waste generated by the storm should be placed at the edge of their property. If a residence has a sidewalk, the debris should be placed on of the “road side” of the sidewalk. Yard waste is defined as logs, plants, tree branches, and similar vegetation matter.
Please take note of these instructions which are important and which, if followed, will facilitate the collection of yard waste and other debris:

  • It may be severable days before residential debris will be collected so that individuals are afforded ample opportunity to collect their waste;
  • All yard waste (logs, plants, and tree branches) must be segregated from all other waste such as household waste, construction debris, and white goods which may have been damaged/destroyed by the storm;
  • All debris should be placed on the edge of the property line so that it does not encroach upon any street/road or drainage lateral. Do not place any debris beneath any power or other utility lines.
  • Do not place any debris near or on trees, poles, fire hydrants, meters, or any other structure.

Again, please be patient since the collection of storm debris will take several days.

Today, President Cedars was in contact with the Parish’s mosquito contractor in anticipation of an increase in mosquitos as a consequence of the storm. The contractor was advised to identify specific areas which exhibit any potential positive pool test or present unusually high counts so that remedial steps could be adopted without undue delay. As with Hurricane Laura, aerial spraying will also be vetted through FEMA and GOHSEP.