Health Units

Our Staff

Community Health Services Coordinator

Stacey Savoy, NP

Nursing Staff

Tiffanie Bulliard, RN
Debra Leon-Gage, LPN

Clerical Office

Kim Talley, Clerk/Nursing Assistant
Paula Navarre, Clerk/Nursing Assistant

St. Martin Parish Government follows the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospital guidelines and USDA federal guidelines in providing health services to St. Martin Parish residents.  

Breaux Bridge Health Unit
601 East Bridge Street
Breaux Bridge, Louisiana
Phone:  (337) 332-2857
Fax:  (337) 332-5745
Cecilia Health Unit
2347 Cecilia Sr. High School Hwy
Breaux Bridge, Louisiana
Phone:  (337) 667-6435
Fax:  (337) 667-7388

St. Martin Parish Government, through its Community Health Service operated at the above locations, has three goals regarding health care for the population:

  • Increase the span of healthy life
  • Reduce health disparities
  • Achieve access to preventive services

Child Health, Immunizations, and WIC

Breaux Bridge Clients

Tuesday, Thursday, & Friday  8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Cecilia Clients

Monday & Wednesday  8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

No appointments needed for immunization services.  Call Breaux Bridge Health Unit at 337-332-2857 or
Cecilia Health Unit at 337-667-6435 to determine eligibility.

The WIC Program has nutritional and income guidelines.  Please call for appointments.  Visit for more WIC Program information. 
You can also click here:  WIC Program Guidelines