Parish President Chester Cedars confirmed that trick-or-treat activities associated with Halloween is NOT prohibited by the Proclamation 117 JBE 2020, the latest Executive Order (Phase 3) of Governor John Bel Edwards. In discussing the issue with the Louisiana State Fire Marshal, Butch Browning, it was confirmed that trick-or-treat activities will be a local decision. St. Martin Parish Government will therefore ALLOW this tradition. However, as always, any municipality will remain free to impose times and place restrictions on trick-or-treating to protect the participating children.

In spite of the foregoing, any organization that wishes to sponsor a “haunted house” or similar event must comply which specific restrictions which have been assigned by the Office of State Fire Marshal. These include the following:

  • The guest capacity within any structure shall not exceed 25 at any one time, exclusive of staff;
  • The maximum group size shall not exceed 6 related guests;
  • The maximum occupant load, including staff, shall not exceed 50 people, one person per 30 square feet of net usable floor area, whichever is less. The floor area used for displays or attractions shall be excluded from the net usable floor area for occupant capacity calculation;
  • General admission shall be prohibited. Advance ticket sales or reservations are encouraged; and,
  • All “haunted houses” must comply with the state fire code and accessibility requirements. They can be found at

Any person or organization wishing to sponsor a haunted house should contact the Office of State Fire Marshal and/or visit