Building Permits

Building Permits

Steps to obtaining a building, electrical or sewer permit

Apply for new address:

911 Center
4870 Main Highway, St. Martinville
Ms. Stacy Schexnayder
(337) 394-2800

Building Permits Department
303 West Port Street, St. Martinville
(337) 394-9816

(New construction/repairs/electrical)
Permit Fee Schedule (PDF format)
Uniform Construction Code-Ordinance No.11-02-0940-OR (PDF format)

Please click here to view information about builder services and standards for Entergy.

Office of Public Health/Sewer Systems
303 Port Street, St. Martinville
(new/updated sewer systems)
(337) 394-6134

All Construction Inspections are conducted by BUILDING CODE INSPECTION SERVICES, LLC, a Third Party Provider contracted by St. Martin Parish Government


Jennie Duong
(337) 394-9816

Bonnie Vann
(337) 394-9816