The collection of storm debris generated from Hurricane Delta continues in St. Martin Parish. The work commenced on October 19, 2020. The storm debris collection is pursuant to what is referred to as “pre-positioned debris removal contract.” Storm debris is not a component of the standard waste disposal program of a parish or municipality. Therefore, a separate agreement for storm debris collection is necessary. Accordingly, St. Martin Parish Government has special contracts in place to cover storm debris collection after a severe weather event.

As of the afternoon of November 5, 2020, 24,426.45 cubic yards of debris had been collected since October 19th out of an estimated 40,000 cubic yards. Five trucks are being utilized by the contractor. Fortunately, the Parish has a special DEQ permit for a “burn site” which is located in the Parish and which is being utilized for the disposal of the debris.

Therefore, if one’s neighborhood has not be serviced, it should be in due course. If one’s home has not been serviced but the neighborhood has, then the Parish should be contacted at 337-394-2200 so that the contractor can be advised accordingly.

Storm debris collection is neither an easy task, nor one which can be accomplished quickly. It takes several weeks as we have previously informed the public.

Please note that the contractor is scheduled to make two passes throughout the Parish. Hence, if you have not collected your storm debris, please do so asap. Also, collecting the debris, these guidelines should be followed:
• All yard waste (logs, plants, and tree branches) must be segregated from all other waste such as household waste, construction debris, and white goods which may have been damaged/destroyed by the storm; and,
• All debris should be placed on the edge of the property line so that it does not encroach upon any street/road or drainage lateral. Do not place any debris beneath any power or other utility lines.