Butte LaRose Pontoon Bridge Closure

In connection with its annual inspections of bridges, the Louisiana DOTD has ordered that the Pontoon Bridge in Butte LaRose be closed immediately because its current condition constitutes a safety hazard. Parish Government is currently evaluating what, IF ANY, temporary repairs can be performed to reduce the period of time that the bridge will remain closed and the attendant cost of such repairs.

In spite of the foregoing, the public is reminded that in June 2019 Parish Government secured a source of funding for the permanent replacement of the structure, and since that time a new bridge has been designed and applications for all required permits have been submitted to the appropriate regulatory agencies. The replacement project is scheduled for bids in the first quarter of 2021. Thus, the DOTD closure, if reasonable temporary repairs are not plausible, accelerates the closure which will be necessary when the replacement project commences.