Spay or Neuter Your Pet

On average, 10,000 humans are born each day in the United States, with over 70,000 puppies and kittens born each day as well.

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On average, 10,000 humans are born each day in the United States, with over 70,000 puppies and kittens born each day as well. There will never be enough homes for them all. In a 9-year time span, one unspayed female dog, her mate, and all of their puppies and their puppy’s puppies will account for over 12 million dogs!

But, there is one simple and effective thing that you, and anyone else, can do to help reduce animal suffering and to reduce the number of unwanted animals in the world: Spay or Neuter Your Pets

Spay or Neuter Your Pets

Every year at animal shelters in the United States, about 4.5 million dogs and cats must be euthanized (painlessly killed), simply because no one wants them. Animal euthanasia costs American taxpayers over a billion dollars each year. In Louisiana alone, 130,000 pets enter a shelter, and of those, 92,000 are put down.

The problem: only a small percentage of dogs and cats entering shelters ever get adopted, simply because there are far more available animals than there are good homes.

Euthanasia is the worst part of our job, and it could be prevented by simple spay and neuter surgery. Sad as it is, we do recognize the importance of providing a humane end for animals who are diseased, aggressive, or simply unwanted.

Many people have great difficulty accepting this. They see the kindness in euthanizing an animal who is in great pain, or who is terminally ill. But they question why young, healthy animals must be destroyed simply because no one will take them home. They ask why the unwanted can’t live in the animal shelter indefinitely, to live out their lives in warmth and comfort, with plenty of food and good veterinary care.

The source of all these unwanted dogs and cats includes accidental pregnancies, amateur breeders who deliberately mate registered animals in hopes of making some quick cash, or misguided beliefs like, “I want my kids to see the miracle of birth” or “my pet won’t be healthy unless he or she mates.”

Animals, like humans, need more than just food, water and shelter. They need affection and companionship, too. Without it, they suffer. A humane end is the only compassionate answer for any dog or cat who will never have a real home.

But this doesn’t have to happen. Through simple spay and neuter surgery, millions of animals would never have to be born in the first place, never be frightened and homeless, never have to be put to death just because they are unwanted.

Whatever the reason, the end result is the same: far too many pets for the number of available homes.

There is simply no excuse for allowing your pet, either male or female, to cause even one litter to come into the world, unless you are willing to accept a lifetime commitment for every single animal your pet produces, and all their offspring as well.

If you refuse to spay or neuter your own pet, you must assume responsibility for your own animal. Never, ever let your pet run loose – it could become pregnant, or it could get other animals pregnant.

The answer to this tragic problem is really in your own hands. When it comes to animal overpopulation, you can be either part of the solution or part of the problem.

Be part of the solution, and have your own pets spayed or neutered right away.

Please see our list of area veterinarians elsewhere on this website. Call around, compare prices and services, and choose a veterinarian who best meets your needs.

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