Recent reports released by the U.S. Census Bureau reflects that our State and Parish are not doing very well with respect to responding to the Census requests. Currently, Louisiana enjoys a self-response rate of 58.6%. St. Martin Parish has a 56.3% response rate which ranks it 27th in the State. Our municipalities rates and ranks are as follows:
– Breaux Bridge: 60% response rate, ranking it 46th in the State
– St. Martinville: 55.1% response rate, ranking it 103rd in the State
– Parks: 53.8% response rate, ranking it 113th in the State
– Arnaudville: 46.4% response rate, ranking it 184th in the State
– Henderson: 45.9% response rate, ranking it 189th in the State

The importance of responding to the Census cannot be overstated. The results of a Census are utilized in determining the number of representatives to which a state is entitled in the U.S. House of Representatives. Moreover, congressional and state legislative districts are drawn based upon Census counts. The distribution of federal funds and grants are likewise the product of Census data; thus, the receipt of federal dollars for schools, hospitals, roads/highways, and other vital public infrastructure is determined by the population reflected by the Census.

Other information regarding the census can be found at Please take a moment to review that information. THEN, PLEASE RESPOND TO THE CENSUS.